Medical Intuition is a pioneering skill used in complimentary health care. The body is designed to heal itself once a person becomes attuned to the the subtle energies that form the foundation of their health. I work with the person in finding the root cause of the energetic blocks in their body. By intuitively tuning into these energetic blocks I find  the key to the emotional reason that may be contributing to illness in the body.

I have combined my skills as a medical intuitive and holistic nutritionist to focus on helping people solve many of their digestive concerns. Nourishing the mind will help to nourish the body. Showing  people how to make choices that help them in their healing is very important.

I became certified as a medical intuitive through The College of Medical Intuition and also became certified as a medical intuitive instructor assisting many students in their own journeys.

I use an energy based technique of assessment that is strictly performed on the person’s energy body rather than their physical body. I have a very highly developed sense of intuition and am able to assess the different energetic states in the body, which can be done from a distance as energy can be felt and recognized remotely. Through my continuous training and my natural psychic ability, I can decipher anyone’s subtle energy from anywhere in the world. As a medical intuitive I do not diagnose but encourage a person to take responsibility for their own health and well being. I will make recommendations that will show the person how to access and trust the wisdom the body has to offer. All I require from a person is their name and age and of course their permission.

I  have had the privilege of being a guest medical intuitive on radio show. I had callers phone in from places such as England, South Africa, Mexico, USA, and Canada. I felt truly blessed to know that I have intuitively helped these callers to achieve clarity as well as helping them pave their way to greater vitality and better health.

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