The pendulum has always been a fascinating tool that can be used by anyone, though it  actually has been used in divination for thousands of years. It tells the truth while being able to communicate with the realms of the unknown.

To describe the pendulum is to describe a simple device, consisting of a weight attached to a chain, cord, leather strip, or thread. Sometimes a wedding ring hanging on a chain has been used. If an individual is interested in buying a commercial pendulum they can be found at New Age Book Stores. A lovely pink quartz crystal which is rounded in shape hanging from a silver chain is the pendulum I use.

It is a remarkable tool that I have added to my psychic arsenal as I have found the potential of the pendulum is actually limitless.

It is very important to practice with your pendulum and never take the power of the pendulum for granted. The pendulum moves through unconscious, involuntary movements of the hand holding it and the subconscious mind of the person holding it causes the muscles to react unconsciously. The pendulum will actually amplify responses that could be too small to notice tapping into the subconscious mind then into the universal mind, and the pendulum then gives the answer to your question.

By consulting with a pendulum an individual can receive guidance on many areas of their life. It will help to find lost articles which is huge for anyone who misplaces their keys. Another way to use the pendulum is to assess the nutritional benefits of food you may be purchasing or consuming. This can actually be done at home as you write your grocery list before buying the food. All that is needed is to ask your pendulum; you can ask this out loud or in your mind, the pendulum will give you a yes or no answer. Using the pendulum for any areas of your life such as buying, selling a home or condo works well. It has even been known to help locate missing people or animals.

Using the pendulum in my work as a medical intuitive and holistic nutritionist has been invaluable. Being able to use this as a tool has allowed me to gain even more insight into my clients and guide them where they may need to go.

I will be doing pendulum readings, tea leaf readings, medical intuitive/ clairvoyant readings at the Spring Equinox Psychic Fair, Sat. March 28 & Sunday March 29 11am-6pm,  #2-1111 Austin Ave., Coq.

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