Creative fun is what I call a Vision Board Party. I attended such a party last night where we all indulged in fabulous food including to die for Earl Grey Tea Gelato, wine, laughter and dozens of magazines to pull apart. Envisioning what we all want to bring into our lives was what we were searching for in these magazines. Piles of pulled out pages covered the floor.

A vision board is a visual collage of what it is that you would like to have in your life. I pulled images, pictures and affirmations and whatever else that I found relevant to myself and my goals. Creating a vision board helps a person manifest their dreams into reality. Looking back at a vision board I created a number of years ago I realize that what I pasted on that vision board represents who I am today. I titled that vision board “It’s Who You Are”; words I pulled from a magazine.

Here are a few sayings I posted on it:

“learn how to help yourself and others to be healthy in body, mind and sprit”.

“the enlightened diet”

“art of living”

“discover your psychic powers”

“nutritional consulting”

“holistic health nut”

“intuitive painting”



“international facilitator”

“let yourself practice different forms of psychic work”

The power of a vision board amazes me as I realize that everything I posted on this board I am now doing and living.

The new vision board I am now creating with images that impacted me emotionally and intuitively will open me to new goals and different ways of living my life. I can’t wait to start pasting.

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