I am so grateful for the clients who have come into my life and for the new ones I am soon to meet. I am always touched by the opportunity through my work of being able to help people on so many levels. To know that I am completely responsible for someone’s well-being when I give them an intuitive reading, Intuitive medical assessment or nutritional consultation is a huge responsibility that I do not take for granted.

It is an honor to be able to help others through my psychic awareness and abilities but knowing also that what I do must be treated with only the greatest of respect, sensitivity and confidentiality. A few tips follow that my clients should keep in mind when requesting a reading and during a reading.

  1. Are they relaxed and have let go off any nervousness or concerns about having a reading?
  2. Are they open to whatever may come through during a reading?
  3. Do they realize what comes through is for them, nothing to do with me or my ego which I set aside throughout the reading?
  4. Are they being patient during the reading and not offering suggestions to me as the less I know about them the more I can tune into their energy?
  5. Are they able to accept what I say and my interpretations of what has come through to me. Will they let me lead the conversation?
  6. Do they respect what I have told them and are they willing to remember what I have just shared with them? Are they willing to act on it if appropriate to their life and situation?
  7. Will they stay open to the events I may have discussed about their future?
  8. Are they participating during the reading if I ask them a question?
  9. Are they realizing that anything they may want to share with me I hold in the strictest confidence?
  10. Are they grateful for the reading with me, no matter the outcome?

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