Arriving home on a crisp fall day, an enhancing aroma drifts through the house.  The huge stockpot on the back of the stove is wafting out a delicious smell. Bone Broth has been simmering for hours releasing all the goodness from the organic pasteurized chicken bones.

Traditionally, Bone Broth was a staple in cultures around the world. Living off the land was a way of life and the way nature intended it to be. Being sustained by the best fuel possible people thrived and evolved on whole foods that were nourishing.

Today, homemade Bone Broth is making a comeback. The slow cooking culture may have had a hand in it. Or possibly people are returning to their kitchens determined to learn to cook from scratch again. Packaged, processed foods filled with preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavours and colours are the fast food culture of today. Many allergies, sensitivities, and illnesses are showing up in young and old.  Perhaps it is time to turn back the clock and have a look at the traditions of our ancestors.  Eating “food” that will sustain and nourish the body is the only way to remain healthy. By listening to the body you can become very aware of what the body needs in the way of food. The body has an innate ability to heal itself if given what it needs.

Bone Broth with its healing qualities is one way to change the way you eat. By using organic pasteurized bones and organic vegetables in a water filled stock pot a flavourful rich broth will emerge hours later. Strained, seasoned and cooled, it can be used in soups, stews, or in a stir fry or sipped as is.

Research continues on the health benefits of Bone Broth. Folk wisdom confirms that Bone Broth has many healing powers. Take chicken soup for example, it was and still is used when a cold or flu strikes. Nourishing chicken soup made from scratch was known as the “cure”. Bone Broth has been known to assist in healing digestive issues, arthritis, and skin problems.

Bone Broths can be made very inexpensively; a good way to cut down the food bill nourishing yourself and your wallet.

Helen Whittle RHN/CMI, Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Medical Intuitive.
Through Helen’s innate intuitive abilities, clients have been helped with physical, emotional & relationship issues. 604-802-4495

Source: Interior Wellness Fall 2015

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