Is your heart connected to foods made by your Mother? Do smells of bread baking or cookies cooling on the rack stir something deep inside? When you are ill do you wish for that soothing bowl of homemade soup to nourish you?  The comfort food that makes your heart sing. Your heart is very connected to memories of food made and served with love; shared and eaten around the dinner table with people you love. Your heart actually hungers for the food of your memories. Perhaps that potato salad floods you with memories of a family picnic when you were a kid.

I still check the freezer aisle of a grocery store to find that certain size brick of ice cream. I will never forget those Sunday dinners where my Dad would slice the brick of ice cream into seven slivers so we could each saver a tiny slice; enjoying each cool smooth taste. Ice cream was better back then, appreciated and nourished by a family who did not have treats available as they are today. Brown gravy was mastered by my Dad, we have all tried to recapture the same wonderful taste and rich brown color of his gravy. Food shared around the big oak table with people I love brings back  memories of other meals; the smells, the tastes I have never forgotten.

At the wedding reception in Italy plate after plate  of food was placed on the table. Love was in the room and in the conversation of the guests and in the food placed in front of each one of us. We ate for hours slowly enjoying on a very deep level the tastes that permeated each dish, knowing that this food was lovingly picked by the bride and groom and prepared perfectly with love by the chefs.

Take time in your busy days to find  what really nourishes your heart. Special foods bring back memories but the foods may not be as important as the emotions and mood they actually evoke in you. When you become aware of your heart hunger, find a food that comforts you and that will give you an inner calm that helps your mood and energy.

I help individuals to learn to listen by tuning into their own body’s wisdom when it comes to what, when and how much they should eat. Through my intuitive eating consulting I will guide an individual to discover what it is that they are really hungry for.

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