I spend many hours with my son’s two tiny dogs. I have become very aware of how intuitive they are. They will sit patiently at the door for their master to return; hearing the sound of his vehicle before it ever pulls in the driveway. Dogs can “sense” subtle energies that we as humans may not be able to sense, even being alert to what may be going to happen by sensing the deeper vibrations of the earth. Pay attention to how your dog behaves before a thunder storm.

I recently did an intuitive reading for a woman whose dog bolted and disappeared during a thunderstorm. I was able to remotely scan the dog’s energy and sensed how scared she had been and still was; and also intuitively knew the direction she had run to in her fright. Dogs know intuitively when there may be a  ‘shift” or “change” in energies in their own environment or on a planetary level, and their masters if they are “tuned in” to their dog will be aware beforehand on how to deal with their pet. A dog knows the difference between love and fear and it is up to us to connect with them on a heart level only showing love.

I look forward to intuitively helping anyone who has queries regarding their pets.

In my work as a Certified Medical Intuitive, I am able to remotely scan your animal’s energy and intuitively “see” where there may be energetic blocks that are affecting your pet’s health and well being.

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