A Holistic  Nutritionist will take the holistic approach and will deal with the whole person, body mind and spirit. Working toward getting to the root cause of the illness or imbalance will be the goal, as well as helping the body to heal itself. Recommendations will be based on a variety of symptoms that may represent the early stages of illness before they develop into more serious problems and before they may show up in blood tests. The Holistic Nutritionist will deal with each person individually as each person is biochemically unique. Recommendations are made to their specific needs. Lifestyle changes,food choices, and supplement suggestions are made. A Holistic Nutritionist will look at the long- term impact and implications of additives, preservatives, pesticides,antibiotics.and are also critical of short- term studies that may suggest these chemicals are safe for human consumption.

A Dietitian bases their dietary recommendations on the Canada Food Guide. Trained in the mainstream sciences and depending on scientific research studies is how their recommendations are based. Many work in hospitals in association with doctors. They provide dietary guidelines to treat patients once diagnosed with an illness. Dietitians have been known to recommend artificial sweeteners, and fat substitutes. They also do not promote pesticide and hormone free products. Their educational funding comes from major food manufactures like the Dairy Board.

ASKHELEN can help you discover simple but powerful methods for knowing when, what, and how much to eat without feeling restricted. Eat the foods you love without guilt and also without bingeing. Learn the truth about nutrition and how it relates to nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

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