A few weeks ago on a sunny day in Kerrisdale, I met with Helen at a quite little cafe. She is a Certified Medical Intuitive and a gifted clairvoyant.

After coffee, Helen did a body scan on me using her hands from across the table. Immediately she mentioned my foot, which had been giving me some grief and said you need to get better shoes. She continued to scan my body and paused at my hips and said that cleanse would be beneficial. Funny enough, I had started a cleanse a few days ago prior to our meeting. Helen continued and when she reached my head, she mentioned my tooth, which I had surgery on a few months back.

After the body scan was done, Helen started to tap into her clairvoyant gift, she mentioned my life would be going into a positive new direction soon. Literally, two hours later, my direction did change.

Hi Helen, Thank you for my reading today.  I just wanted to let you know that afterwards I spoke with my daughter and was surprised to hear she is facing a big decision regarding her career for this coming new year.  This is the energy you picked up on at the beginning of my session!  Wish I had known my daughters news before hand!  You are very good.  🙂 Thanks again and look forward to receiving the samples in the mail for my son.


I had to reach out to you to tell you how your reading has come true. You had mentioned the following:
  • I was going to meet a man with salt & pepper hair who had traveled the world and that with whom I was going to travel alongside.
  • That you saw me carrying a small child
  • That I would travel to Bali

Well after a summer of meeting many not-so-nice men, I got set up through a girlfriend with the most amazing man. We became good friends immediately – really connected the first few days – the last 2 weeks have felt like years (in a good way!). He is my age, has salt and pepper hair, he traveled the world for an entire year. The destination he regrets he couldn’t visit was Bali (which was top on my bucket list). He has invited me to travel with him later this month, will be joining me over the Christmas holidays and has asked if I will travel with him to Bali next December.

Imagine how thrilling this is! This is surreal. While I had faith in everything you told me, I was just waiting for the timing.

In the meantime, as you had mentioned – my ex-husband has completely self destructed.   Karma really did come back to bite him.


Hey there Helen, I had a reading with you on Sunday at the psychic fair and I just wanted to say thank you for being so lovely!! I’m sure you saw so many people its hard to remember us all! I had recently talked to another intuitive downtown and shared that I was really excited about working with Tarot more and helping people in my own way. She said that gifts like hers are given at birth and you have it or you don’t and I couldn’t do what she did. Anyway, I had gone in there to see if I might read for people if she ever needed anyone and left feeling so not worthy of my request. Perhaps that is why your kind and encouraging words meant so much to me and I wanted to say thank you again. I’m not sure what life has in store for me in that regard but you made me feel like anything is possible which is how I think life is. You are a treat!

Michelle Blackwell


A few days ago I had scheduled a tea cup reading with Helen Whittle, and as I sat drinking my tea, I felt a sense of excitement at the upcoming reading! Helen welcomed me with a sense of warmth and inner calmness, and we went into a lovely peaceful tea room. As she began reading my tea leaves I was astonished at her words.

She saw events that had occurred to me in the past, and she also told me of what was happening now. I had been struggling with a decision and Helen saw in the tea leaves which direction I needed to go towards.

I left the cafe with such good energy and inspiration from Helen’s tea leaf reading, and I continue to be inspired as I glance down at my notes of Helen Whittle’s tea leaf reading from that day. I will return for another reading, along with friends of mine. What a great way to have fun, have time with friends, and be inspired by Helen Whittle’s tea leaf readings!

Heather Darney

Amazing, you were so right about the woman I was to meet and fall in love with. She is from Brazil like you said. Come to Jamaica please, we need you here. Blessings and One Love.

Rohan Marley, Co-Founder Marley Coffee, Son Of Legendary Icon Bob Marley

Helen was like a breath of fresh air. I could feel her looking into my soul and not only did she pick up on my vibrations, she foretold future events in my life that have happened since my reading. She is full of love and wisdom and reads with an open heart and mind. I love asking Helen anything

Ryan Philips – Return to Happiness Documentary – L.A. / New York

You were so right in what you told me about the journey I was about to embark on. Love and Light.

Ryan Philips – Return to Happiness Documentary – L.A. / New York

Thanks so much for the session and your encouragement and insight; it really helped me.

Karen Rae, Palm Springs, California

With love for the journey and thanks for the wonderful reading. Namasta.

Patricia, Sechelt, B.C.

Thank you so much for your advice. If you have time to come to LA I would like to see you again.

Miho, Los Angeles, California

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