Deep in meditation today at my Tai Chi Yoga Class I found myself “visiting” with a friend that I had lost contact with a number of years ago. We had met in a Tai Chi Class and went on to share many interests one being our love of art and painting, even attending an art retreat in Whistler. I came out of the meditation wondering why she had been a part of it and would our paths ever cross again.

Synchronicity was something I was aware of, knowing and seeing connections between people and events that happen simultaneously. In the work of “Carl Jung” he defined synchronicity as “the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance”.

Well what was the coincidence that I would actually meet up with my long lost friend later in the day. I randomly walked into a clothing store and heard a familiar voice behind a rack of clothes. There she was dressed exactly as she had been in my meditation. It was as if we had never lost contact and I was immediately invited to the art class she attends.

My intuition tells me this was no chance meeting, this was pure synchronicity a chance for my friend and I to reconnect and for me to reconnect with my artistic abilities and get into painting again.

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