What are you grateful for? How can you move on if you cannot acknowledge and be grateful for what you have in your life? Transforming your world is possible by having an attitude of gratitude. The following tips may help achieve this.

• Morning gratitude exercise should include being thankful for what you have and who you are. Thinking positive thoughts will allow your brain wave patterns to operate in a more loving way.
• Do you believe in asking for help, and giving permission for the spirit to assist you in your life? Are you asking to be divinely directed to where you would like to go in your future?
• Do you make space in your life to relax and to be present and to enjoy each and every moment? Is there balance in
your life?
• Centering and grounding yourself every day is important. Do this especially before any important event by breathing
in deeply and going within in stillness.
• As situations unfold in your life do you take the time to think rationally as well as intuitively?
• Can you receive graciously in your life and say thank you?
• Are you open to what you may need in your life? Listen to the subtle messages of your body.
• Are you thankful for the people and family who are in your life? Realize you are blessed to have them beside you.
• Are you forgiving of the ones who may have hurt you? Resentment and bitterness inhibit happiness and may
keep you stuck in a place you would prefer to move on from.
• Peace of mind and heart is what we all must strive for. Make a conscious effort to be there fully in each moment. Listen with an open heart and mind.

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