From the time I was a child, I loved to draw and crayon and paint. Could my interest in painting have come from my Great Aunt Lilian whose watercolor paintings hung in galleries in London England a hundred years ago. I am so inspired when i look at some of her paintings hanging on my wall today.

As I grew older I attended many painting and drawing classes. I have studied pastel and charcoal painting, water colour and acrylic painting as well as pencil drawing. I can become totally immersed while engaged in a painting and tend to forget the time or even where I am. Without even realizing until told by others who I have gifted paintings to; in each one there is always a spiritual aspect to whatever it is.

Sometimes there is a message in the clouds from beyond or it is visible in the eyes of my subject. I never know where this message will show itself. Because of many requests I find myself painting spirit guides of a subject or even the spirit hanging out in someone’s house, which comes to me intuitively.

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