By setting the intention and believing in yourself and your abilities, numerous doors and opportunities will present themselves to you. If you sit on the fence life will pass you by taking with it the dreams and goals you may have buried inside.

I have always known that I am a writer at heart. I was brought up surrounded by books that I loved to bury myself in. What adventure they gave me as I devoured each word. I still have a few of my treasured childhood books sent for birthdays and Christmas from my great-aunts in England. Also in my bookshelf lies a cookbook I co-authored,” The B. C. Sampler”, and another cherished book “My Mother’s Story, North Vancouver”. I was one of the selected authors who had her story of her Mother published in it.

Opportunity has come calling again and I am the author of the soon to be published book on bone broth and it’s health benefits for the company Boned, A Broth Company. I have also just been selected to be one of the featured monthly writers for an online magazine, which incorporates mindfulness and compassion inside everyday living, “Sibyl Magazine:

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For The Spirit and Soul of Women”.

“What makes you feel most alive, what is your authentic journey? Go back and find what it was you loved to do as a child. Become lost and totally absorbed in what you love to do. Do something that gives you that “Moment in Time.”

Do not bargain away your life for security. Do things that make you happy. Follow your dreams, do what you love. ~Joseph Campbell from the movie Finding Joe

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