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Ask any questions and receive a 10 minute reading, a glimpse insight into your life. Do you have concerns regarding a relationship, finances, career path, health, nutrition/weight-loss or inner conflict? Helen is able to intuitively access information about a client and answer any of your queries and emphatically help you along your life’s journey.

  • Skype or Phone

10 minutes $20.00

Journey Session

Come with Helen on a clairvoyant journey. Learn to bring the best of yourself forward as your path unfolds. Release negative energy and learn to resonate at a higher vibration allowing the universe to show you what is there for you to embrace. Let go of toxic relationships and old experiences that do not serve you. Helen will guide you and show you that the past is done; let it go with no regrets, the future is waiting. New doors will open and your amazing journey will be within your grasp if you allow with Helen’s intuitive expertise, divine energy to come in and show you what is possible.

“Phone or Skype”

45 minutes $85.00

Distance Intuitive Healing

What Do You Get From A Distance Intuitive Session?

You may feel calmer and more relaxed emotionally. You will feel more energy. Recent or chronic conditions may be resolved helping you to lead a healthier life. Pain may lessen or disappear altogether.

What Is Included In A Distance Intuitive Healing Session?

A 30 minute session where you will be encouraged to sit and relax and focus inward.
A follow up email to clarify information I received intuitively during the sessions.
An action plan to help you get back on track with your health.

30 minutes. $75.00
Any follow-up needed after this initial action plan to encourage you to stay on track. $35.00


Medical Intuitive Assessment

Helen offers an Intuitive Medical Assessment consisting of a full written report and a one-hour follow-up phone call. Energy information is gathered from a client’s birth and focuses on “generalized” time as energy is constantly fluctuating. The information Helen gathers intuitively may be of value to determine what is going on in a client’s body from a physical, emotional, and spiritual position. Helen will email the report to the client and once the client has read the report, a phone or Skype follow-up call will be arranged.

Distance Medical Intuitive Assessment Name /Age/ email required. Includes 8-10 page detailed medical intuitive assessment.


Mini Medical Intuitive Assessment

Helen connects to your energy body and picks up on emotional blocks and energetic congestion in your body. Evaluation of chakras and recommendations are made

30 minute Phone or Skype call/ name/ age required. $99.00

Intuitive Eating Consulting

Through a Holistic approach, Helen will educate a client on how to become highly attuned to hunger cues by becoming self aware of the body’s natural hunger signals. This is a more effective way to create a healthy relationship with mind, body and food.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Intuitive Eating Coach and Certified Medical Intuitive, Helen brings her expertise to clients looking for direction on why they may be experiencing things such as digestive upsets, weight gain, or sensitivities to what foods they consume. If you have a question about nutrition Helen will teach you to eat intuitively; trusting your own body’s needs and you will come away with a renewed appreciation for your body’s in born intuitive-eater.

“Phone or Skype”

30 minutes $60.00 / Followup email $30.00


Appointments – To set up an appointment, please choose one of the “Pay Now” buttons above. You will be contacted within 24 hours of receipt of payment to set up an appointment time.

Cancellations – Cancellations and no-show appointments are charged a 50% fee if not cancelled with 48 hours notice. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if you are able to schedule another appointment within the same week.

There are no refunds unless client qualifies for a refund given is unable to provide the the full services purchased in a reasonable amount of time once payment has been made.

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Need Help with your Life's Journey?

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