Published in Sibyl Magazine November 2016.

Writing is actually part of who I am. It always has been since I was very young. English was my favorite subject in school. I loved to read and to this day it is a passion of mine and now writing has also become a passion.

I went through what to me became a bit of a setback in my writing when I was challenged and questioned about something I wrote. I was told that the word I had used should not have been used in the context I used it in. To be criticized by someone’s viewpoint dug deep into me. I retreated wondering if maybe I should give up putting pen to paper if it caused someone anguish.  I realize that however my writing is perceived by someone is really of no consequence. I can observe their criticism and continue on knowing that I am being authentic to me. That is really what matters the most. These words were my words, this was my story and I would let no one change that. I was angry, thinking how dare someone would want to change my word. The more I focused on this issue the more I realized it was time to let it go which I have done.

My creativity cannot be squelched. I will honor myself and get past any doubts or fears that may try to block my creative expression. I also honor and appreciate any and all writers and authors. These people have felt the whisper or calling to write. It is part of their soul and no one can deny them that. It is something that is deeply rooted inside of me; this feeling that I must get it down on paper. I have created a special area where I do my writing. The words tend to flow as soon as I sit down in that spot and allow myself a few moments of meditation before I start.

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