I stood transfixed watching the golden leaves whirling and falling towards the ground in the shimmering light cast by the morning sun.

I was brought back to that October day many years ago when a phone call told me my brother had transitioned. I was taking a drinking glass out of the cupboard and as the phone rang the glass shattered into millions of tiny slivers as I held it. My brother’s favorite “trick” from a distance as he could make objects move and then shatter as he just had.

Awhile back I had dropped by a psychic shop for a reading and while waiting I was admiring a beautiful heavy candle holder that was placed on a shelf. I was sitting with the psychic in a small room towards the back of the shop and she told me the spirit of my brother was present. At that point, there was a huge crash in the front of the shop. We rushed to the front and on the floor was the heavy candle holder which somehow had made its way off the shelf striking a huge mirror on the way down. The mirror was shattered into hundreds of tiny silvers.  The intuitive reading was finished as the shop had to be swept and cleaned. There must have been some reason my brother would interrupt my reading and cause havoc in the shop. He certainly made  his presence known and still does but in more subtle ways.

Like the falling leaves the day he passed; the tree had been full of leaves but was left bare as the day wore on, with no wind playing a part. Today, a few days before the anniversary of his death, the same scene was being played out in my front yard. I feel so grateful to really know in my heart that we are always connected to those who pass if we only pay close attention to the messages that are there for us to see, hear or feel.

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