Each year as Easter rolls around and I see flowers budding and blossoms blooming I am always transported back to Easter 1994. My Mother was to spend her last Easter with us. She was bright and alert that Easter morning when we brought her a special pancake breakfast to her hospital bed. The heart specialist had visited and given her a chocolate egg which delighted her.

Later in the evening I and my cousin Barb sat with her. It was a special moment as Barb read to her and I sat  gazing at her face. I felt the temperature in the room drop and had a strange gut feeling that something was going to happen. All of a sudden the face of Barb’s Mother came over my Mother’s face. Her dear deceased sister’s  face was imposed on her face. It seemed surreal to me and I was reluctant to share this with Barb. Did I know instinctively that my Aunt Annie was coming to help her transition.

No I did not fathom that at the time. I did have a premonition that I and Barb had to go to my Mother’s apartment right then. As we entered her apartment there was a strong spiritual presence and a distinct air-pressure change. We both noticed a large photo of Aunt Annie and my Mother that neither of us had ever seen before. and I knew intuitively what the message from the photo was to be. Easter Monday April 4th my Mother was called home.

In the days after my Mother’s passing I experienced a rush of messages from spirit. A gentle touch I felt many times on my shoulder; a sudden whiff of my Mother’s scent and a whiff of her favorite flowers were heady in the air. A special song played at her service was spilling out of loud speakers at a certain store on the first anniversary of her passing. Her wedding ring had gone missing and I had a sudden knowingness to look under the car seat and there it was.

As I follow in my Mother’s footsteps as a psychic I know she is one of my spirit guides who loves to step forward and offer me guidance. I feel her gentle presence strongly especially when  doing a tea leaf reading or tarot card reading, which were her specialties. I have the strong feeling I just may be helping her to vicariously fulfill her life purpose from the other side of the veil.

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