Published Article on Sibyl Magazine February 2016, page 72

Sitting quietly holding my mother’s hand I listened to the soft voice of my cousin. We were in the hospital room focused only on making sure Mother was comfortable and spending time with her. I gazed intently at her face happy to see that she was enjoying the story being read to her. I felt the temperature in the room drop and intuitively knew that something had changed. Then I saw what I recognized as my cousin’s mothers face impose itself on my mother’s face. My deceased Aunt Annie who had passed many years before was right there in front of me. I felt reluctant to share the vision I was witnessing with my cousin.

Was this a message for me only? All I knew is that my cousin and I had go to my Mother’s apartment when we left the hospital. The air felt thick and heavy on entering her apartment and I felt a very strong spiritual presence. I knew that there was something I had to see.

There it was, a beautiful photo stuck in the mirror above my Mother’s desk, a photo of her and Aunt Annie. Neither of us had ever seen this photo before. I knew intuitively what the message in the photo was to be. Aunt Annie had come to take my Mother “home”.

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