The conversation last night centred around meditation and how hard it is for some to meditate. With so many random thoughts and mind chatter circulating through your mind how does one actually shift their brain waves and enter into a deeper level of consciousness. I actually learned to meditate when I studied the art of Taoist Tai Chi, which is a moving meditation. By emptying my mind and concentrating on my breath and the slow powerful moves of Tai Chi, I became present in the moment. I can get to that state of mental clarity and calm within moments now as meditation is a part of my every day life and is at the centre of my intuitive practice.

I have found through meditation I can “hear” my intuitive voice which my logical mind does not allow me to hear. I also become very aware of the energetic nature of the universe and “know everything is energy” I receive information through my spirit guides and also in the form of feelings, symbols and words, while I am in a deep meditative state.

I encourage everyone to give meditation a try as continued practice will bring you to a calmness and peace of mind and may also help reduce your stress level.


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