Published in Sibyl Magazine April 2016 page 64

Watching a documentary last night on television regarding “fortune tellers” made me realize why some consider psychics “woo-woo”. Two so called “psychics “were profiled. Undercover reporters scheduled readings with both. The psychic told each reporter there was dark energy around them and to have this curse removed would cost them plenty of money. Now if this had been a vulnerable client they would have fallen for the sales pitch and handed over wads of cash out of fear. This is not honest psychic work these readers are doing and the documentary tried to cast all psychic readers in the same light. Skeptics find psychic readings controversial.

When I made the decision to become an intuitive {psychic} I knew what the most important thing to me would be. Studying and learning as much as I could professionally, so that I could be proud to say I am a psychic, which I continue doing.

Intuition is extremely important in any psychic work as it lets you know if what you are interpreting is correct. Intuition is a gut level instinct, a deep inner knowing; a voice that speaks to you with integrity and accuracy as you listen to it. In a psychic reading the psychic attempts to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities. There are four psychic abilities; Clairvoyance [vision], Clairaudience [hearing], Clairgustance [smell], and Clairsentience [feeling, sensing]. These abilities allow the psychic to gain amazing insights into the client they are reading. The psychic offers something that no one else could offer the client.

It is very important in doing this type of work that the client does not become addicted to psychic readings and want to keep coming back. They may become dependent on what the psychic has to tell them and feel they need the psychic’s advice to carry on in their daily life. Psychics who allow this to happen are not working with integrity and only see the money the client is handing over to them.

I am so very grateful for the clients who have come into my life. I am always touched deeply by the opportunity to actually help people on so many levels. To know that I am completely responsible for someone’s wellbeing when I give a psychic reading or medical intuitive reading is a huge responsibility that I do not take for granted. It is an honor to be able to help others through my psychic awareness and abilities plus knowing also that what I do must be treated with only the greatest of respect, sensitivity and confidentiality.

There will always be people who think of psychic readings as “hocus pocus” but what I have found is that intuition is a spiritual tool and should be treated as such.

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