Throughout each decade of my life I find myself setting new goals as my life ever-changes with me constantly changing with it. I have found we must be willing to get rid of the life we live, to live the life we were meant to live. By living your dreams authentically you become true to yourself and may actually reach your highest potential.

I find myself today, a work in progress, always learning and creating; knowing that I am fulfilling dreams and visions I have held inside. This has brought me depth and clarity as well as the confidence to move forward..

By following your own authentic journey you will feel the most alive. Do more of what you like doing, just go deeply inside and ask yourself what that is. Go back and remember what it was you loved to do as a child; something that gave you ” that moment in time”. This would be something that totally absorbed you and you lost yourself in it. I can lose myself when I draw or paint. This has become one of my passions.

So many women I have met give up on their dreams. They have not made themselves a priority and have taken a back seat to their own inspirations. I recall how my Mother always had a dream of being a teacher. That dream was never fulfilled as she being the eldest of seven had obligations at home. Her inspiration to write a book about her Mother never happened either.

Dreams crushed, buried inside as so many are. Is it fear that holds someone back, fear of the unknown or fear of what others may think of them.

Follow your own dream to do what you love. The universe will open doors where there was only walls. Believe in unseen forces that have the power to rearrange things. Spend time with people who believe in your dreams.

I believe that you will never arise above the expectations you set for yourself; unless you realize that it is not what happens to you, it is what you ultimately do with it. Be the hero of your own life, be responsible for what you can bring to it.

Be conscious to all your thoughts, behaviors,and feelings. By becoming aware you can become who you want to be, and how you want to be. Value and honor who you are. The clearer you can become about what you want and need in your life; the easer it will be for you to create the path that will lead to it. Do not ever forget to listen to that inner voice, the voice that is so easy to turn away from. It is always with you just waiting to be acknowledged.


“I promise to be true to myself to turn away from judgement and cast aside fears,
I promise to find strength from within, to surrender to happiness and admire Individuality
I promise to love who I am, to accept myself and others for who they are
Whether I am a daughter, a friend, a sister, or a lover
I promise to be me”
—Kim McGregor

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