I grew up hearing my Mother talk about hunches. Being able to forecast what was going to happen to herself or another was what she called a hunch. She did not call herself an intuitive or even a psychic. I soon realized that this ability was available to me as well; to be able to tune deeply into the universal language of the past and the present and know intuitively that all people are connected.

The more I connect with my clients, the more deeply I can intuitively sense whether they are following the path that is right in front of them; or whether they have strayed off the path into another direction perhaps through circumstances beyond their control. It is important to open yourself up to realize that signs can be everywhere if you pay attention and become aware of them. When you are on the path to the destiny that has been laid out before you, one can feel and sense it at the core of their being.forest-669105_640

I intuitively read a man yesterday who knows the path he should be on, his hunches are so strong around it, but due to other obligations it is not possible for him at this moment in time. I watched at how his whole demeanor changed when he spoke of what it is he wants to do. There was passion in his voice, his eyes lit up, his whole body language changed; he knows at his soul level that this other path is the one he must follow as this is where his destiny lies.

“To Realize One’s Destiny Is A Person’s Only Obligation.”—from The Alchemist

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