For those wanting to shed some light on their future or even on past events there is a resurgence happening in Reading Tea Leaves. Having grown up with a Mother who was a well-known tea leaf reader I was always intrigued by it. I only recently felt the call to learn The Art of Tea Leaf Reading. It is very important to me in doing any psychic work that I become qualified and professional at it. So I attended a fascinating workshop on the topic of Tea Leaf Reading.

I learnt the origins of Tea Leaf Reading . During Victorian periods drinking tea evolved into  Tasseography or Tasseomancy (Tasse- French for cup and Graphy-Latin to write. There was always one person in each family in the 19th century and early 20th centuries who practiced teacup readings.

It is important to use the proper tools to do a tea leaf reading. The teacup ought to be wide, shallow and have sloping side with no pattern inside. I find the English Bone China Tea Cups are wonderful for reading tea leafs. Plus they have a saucer to catch stray tea leafs when turning cup over. These leafs can also be read.

The tea leaf itself is important and a black tea does work well for me to read. There are numerous symbols the tea leafs will present in the cup and it is up to the reader to decipher them intuitively.

The tea drinker will infuse the tea leaves with their energy and these leaves will arrange themselves into symbols which the reader interprets.

It is important to remember that a reading of tea leaves is just another tool a psychic can use to access a person’s energy. It is a really relaxing way to enjoy a spot of tea and it is another way I enjoy connecting to a person.


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