I will only read for someone if I have their permission to do so. Once someone finds out I am a psychic they may approach me right then and there for an intuitive reading. I really would like to make it clear that I am not psychically tuned in all the time. It is important for me to set boundaries and as a professional in this business it is a must. People sometimes think that I must have a complete direct channel to the universal wisdom at every moment of the day. But that is not how it works in an intuitive’s world. I don’t read anyone’s innermost thoughts when I meet them casually. I would not want to even if I could.

I will never forget the Doctor I saw for the first time and when he asked what I did, and I told him I was a Certified Medical Intuitive and he actually hid his face behind his lap top. He told me he was afraid I may pick up on his innermost secrets.

I have a 10 step procedure I follow for intuitive work which follows:

  1. Clearing– I envision a pure white light of energy from source filling my body.
  2. Offering–an offering to my spirit guides (love, peace,joy)
  3. Prayer–know I am psychic and that I am protected.
  4. Relax–letting go of ego,agenda, or any expectations.
  5. Grounding, centering–I envision beautiful blue light from center of earth.
  6. Wait–patience involves waiting for messages.
  7. Receive–messages from spirit coming through.
  8. Communicate–to my client/sitter.
  9. Interpret–how the information relates to my client/sitter.
  10. Clear/Smudge/Gratitude–to my spirit guides for guiding me and gratitude to my client.

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