Article published in Sibyl Magazine, page 41

Being in touch with my own power has made me evolve into more of who I am at the core of my being. To reach that center I spend time in silence sometimes in nature away from the noise of everyday life, or perhaps in meditation where I can simply be. This is my peaceful time, a time to replenish my creative spirit. I energetically know everything about myself. I know when I am out of balance realizing that it is time to go back to the stillness and recharge.

Changes in life are inevitable. The more I can let the flow happen organically the more I realize the vibrational shift that is taking place within me. I give myself permission to transcend to the next level by taking action and renewing my life inside and out.

When chaos occurs I have found within me the skills to remain centered and calm, not allowing negativity to embrace me. If I appear to be nonattached I have discovered the ability to be able to just stand back and be myself; free from letting go of any preconceived outcomes or expectations or even from buying into egotistical points of view. As an intuitive surveyor, I am able to observe and appreciate what may be taking place around me and not have to become involved in the negative energy.

I am writing a new story for myself where I have given myself permission to live my life on my terms and follow my heart and passions in whatever it is I wish to do. I have stopped pushing so hard and look forward to all new changes that are happening in my life. I am letting go of clutter and seeing how lighter it makes me feel. I am letting go of friendships that do not resonate with me on a vibrational level. I am reading fiction again after many years of being only caught up in nonfiction. I am being transported back in time with these stories and enjoying every minute of how life was back in those long ago days. I appreciate all I have brought with me to this new place in my life but I am open to acquiring new skills and new ways of being me.

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