Our ancestors depended on themselves entirely for their survival. They were very attuned to subtle energy and actually knew intuitively how to heal themselves. Everyone has the ability to help themselves feel better, think and function more effectively by also becoming aware of their physical body and the subtle messages it is giving you. When you learn to understand the synchronicity of the mind body and spirit you will find the body’s energies become more in alignment and this allows the energy to flow freely through the body.

Through distance intuitive healing sessions with an individual I am able to send healing energy to these areas that are physically and emotionally blocked. I work closely with the individual to understand how their thoughts and decisions affect their health either negatively or positively. I draw upon my experience as a holistic nutritionist and medical intuitive to start an action plan with an individual to help get their health back on the right track. If I intuitively sense that another professional modality would help I will make suggestions for that as well. A follow up email is included in an Distance Intuitive Session which will clarify information I intuitively received during the session.

I highly recommend two books  by Louise Hay “Heal Your Own Body” and “Heal Your Body” A-Z. She explains in her own way the mental causes for physical illness and the way to overcome them with new thought patterns.

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