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What is a medical intuitive?
A medical intuitive is a person who has the ability to “see” into a body by using a highly developed sense of intuition. The medical intuitive scans the person’s body for areas of imbalance and energetic congestion and may suggest to the client whether an emotion or an event may be related to the energetic congestion.
How will a medical intuitive assessment benefit you?
Emotional, mental and spiritual issues may be revealed that could offer specific information regarding the function of your energetic body. Recommendations are then made in regards to physical or psychological congestion or blockages. At no time does the medical intuitive diagnose.
What is the history of medical intuitive?
There are many famous medical intuitives and one in particular was Edgar Cayce. Cayce was famous for diagnosing and treating patients who were not in his physical presence. There have been 30,000 of his health readings and many are available to research.

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