Autumn is here. There is a shift in the air. The cool crisp breeze interrupts the summer sun’s warmth. Leaves of golden and red hues drift to the ground where the crunch is heard as footsteps tread on them. Farmer’s Market tables are groaning under the varieties of just picked apples and pears. Peppers in red, yellow, orange and green are ripe for the buying. Squashes of all types are waiting to be carried home with fresh garlic and onions to turn into satisfying soups. Bouquets of fresh cut dahlias in brilliant colors are waiting to be chosen and carefully brought home to adorn the table.

After the heat and laziness of summer, it feels good to contemplate what this season will bring and to get back into a routine.

I feel gratitude that clients return with pressing questions; seeking out my intuitive advice once again. I welcome new clients knowing I will intuitively guide them in the direction they may need to follow.

Seasons may change but the flow of life continues bringing each of us new beginnings and perhaps new endings.

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