Embracing This New Decade

Embracing This New Decade

Article published in Sibyl Magazine, page 41

Being in touch with my own power has made me evolve into more of who I am at the core of my being. To reach that center I spend time in silence sometimes in nature away from the noise of everyday life, or perhaps in meditation where I can simply be. This is my peaceful time, a time to replenish my creative spirit. I energetically know everything about myself. I know when I am out of balance realizing that it is time to go back to the stillness and recharge.

Changes in life are inevitable. The more I can let the flow happen organically the more I realize the vibrational shift that is taking place within me. I give myself permission to transcend to the next level by taking action and renewing my life inside and out.

When chaos occurs I have found within me the skills to remain centered and calm, not allowing negativity to embrace me. If I appear to be nonattached I have discovered the ability to be able to just stand back and be myself; free from letting go of any preconceived outcomes or expectations or even from buying into egotistical points of view. As an intuitive surveyor, I am able to observe and appreciate what may be taking place around me and not have to become involved in the negative energy.

I am writing a new story for myself where I have given myself permission to live my life on my terms and follow my heart and passions in whatever it is I wish to do. I have stopped pushing so hard and look forward to all new changes that are happening in my life. I am letting go of clutter and seeing how lighter it makes me feel. I am letting go of friendships that do not resonate with me on a vibrational level. I am reading fiction again after many years of being only caught up in nonfiction. I am being transported back in time with these stories and enjoying every minute of how life was back in those long ago days. I appreciate all I have brought with me to this new place in my life but I am open to acquiring new skills and new ways of being me.

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Ask a Medical Intuitive with Helen Whittle

Ask a Medical Intuitive with Helen Whittle

Published Article Interior Wellness Magazine Summer 2016, page 31.

There are a lot of queries regarding the field of medical intuition. There is certainly a great deal of interest in the subject. Speaking with Helen Whittle, who is a certified medical intuitive,your questions are answered.

Q Barbara: How does medical intuition work?

 A Helen: Medical Intuition is a science, where the medical intuitive practitioner uses their highly developed sense of intuition to source the cause of an emotional,spiritual,or physical condition in a client’s energy field. The medical intuitive has the ability to discern where perhaps a personal trauma may have caused an emotional block somewhere in the client’s body.Working with the client on an energetic level will allow buried emotions to arise and release. These emotions could date back to childhood or even back to another lifetime.Releasing these emotions creates a shift in the energy and healing can begin.

Q Sally: Does a medical intuitive diagnose?

A Helen: No only a medical doctor is allowed to diagnose.

Q Brian: Does the client have to see the medical intuitive in person?

A Helen: No not at all.the client can be on the other side of the world. All that is required is a first name, age and permission. The medical intuitive can intuitively tune in remotely to the client’s energy. A certified medical intuitive will be able to give as much information as they can access. Emotions and thoughts may come to the foreground.These may be unresolved that perhaps the client did not realize they were still holding unto,but that were creating energetic shifts in their body.

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Holistic Health With Medical Intuition

Holistic Health With Medical Intuition

Published Article Sibyl Magazine May 2016, page 20.

Who has heard the word Medical Intuitive? Certainly not me when I went for a reading with a psychic. Her words to me were “you are going to become a medical intuitive.” Her words rang in my head as within a week I was invited to attend a workshop run by the director of a college for medical intuition. I had always wondered how I could combine my intuition and my work as a holistic nutritionist. Could this be the answer? I felt immediately that this would be a path I would explore and follow.

I was fascinated by the history of medical intuition. It dates way back to the 18th century when Phineas Parkhurst Quimby practiced intuitive healing in 1854. Then came Edgar Cayce who is perhaps the most famous medical intuitive. He was known as The Sleeping Prophet because he was able to discern a patient’s health condition from a distance. Thousands of his readings were documented and are still studied today. These readings show the correlation between emotions and suffering in manifesting illness. Over time, the practice of medical intuition has evolved to adapt to modern demands but the fundamentals still remain the same.

A medical intuitive has the talent and skill to energetically scan a person’s internal physiological condition from a distance, and may find where energetic blocks are being held in the body. These energetic blocks may be affecting emotions and overall health of the person. By teaching and guiding the individual through awareness, knowledge and conscious lifestyle choices the medical intuitive helps the individual to improve their health and vitality by actually treating illness from the root cause instead of just the symptom.

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Published in Interior Wellness Spring 2016, page 23

COLLAGEN May Hold The Secret To Looking Younger

The new buzzword appears to be collagen. What is collagen and why is it so important as we age? Collagen is the ” glue” that holds the body together. It comes from the Greek word “kola” which means glue.

There are three types of collagen found in the body.
1. Type 1–comprises 90% of the skin, hair, organs and ligaments.
2. Type 2–applies to cartilage.
3. Type 3–applies to fibrous protein in bones, cartilage, dentin, tendons, and other connective tissues.

Let’s focus on ageing and loss of collagen, especially for the skin. Loss of collagen structure begins long before there is any outward signs of ageing. From 25 years on a person may lose 1% of collagen per year with the insides ageing more rapidly than the skin. Many factors contribute to this loss such as; smoking, poor diet, free radicals and of course getting older.

The signs of aging seem to appear visible around the eyes first including:
1–Fine lines and wrinkles.
2–Under eye bags.
3–Dark circles and discolouration.
4–Dull uneven skin texture.
6–Crows feet due to loose tissue around eyes.

There are currently products on the market that have been used by people around the world to increase collagen. Collagen can be found in natural health products and food. Researching the highest quality of collagen in products is important whether it is a food or skincare product. Gelatine ( the breakdown) of collagen was one of the first functional foods used as a medical treatment in ancient China.

Consuming collagen in food or drink and using a skincare product that combines antioxidants, micronutrients, and peptides that have been clinically proven to stimulate collagen growth will certainly address the major signs of aging and maybe the secret to looking younger.

Intuition Myth or Reality

Intuition Myth or Reality

Published in Sibyl Magazine April 2016 page 64

Watching a documentary last night on television regarding “fortune tellers” made me realize why some consider psychics “woo-woo”. Two so called “psychics “were profiled. Undercover reporters scheduled readings with both. The psychic told each reporter there was dark energy around them and to have this curse removed would cost them plenty of money. Now if this had been a vulnerable client they would have fallen for the sales pitch and handed over wads of cash out of fear. This is not honest psychic work these readers are doing and the documentary tried to cast all psychic readers in the same light. Skeptics find psychic readings controversial.

When I made the decision to become an intuitive {psychic} I knew what the most important thing to me would be. Studying and learning as much as I could professionally, so that I could be proud to say I am a psychic, which I continue doing.

Intuition is extremely important in any psychic work as it lets you know if what you are interpreting is correct. Intuition is a gut level instinct, a deep inner knowing; a voice that speaks to you with integrity and accuracy as you listen to it. In a psychic reading the psychic attempts to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities. There are four psychic abilities; Clairvoyance [vision], Clairaudience [hearing], Clairgustance [smell], and Clairsentience [feeling, sensing]. These abilities allow the psychic to gain amazing insights into the client they are reading. The psychic offers something that no one else could offer the client.

It is very important in doing this type of work that the client does not become addicted to psychic readings and want to keep coming back. They may become dependent on what the psychic has to tell them and feel they need the psychic’s advice to carry on in their daily life. Psychics who allow this to happen are not working with integrity and only see the money the client is handing over to them.

I am so very grateful for the clients who have come into my life. I am always touched deeply by the opportunity to actually help people on so many levels. To know that I am completely responsible for someone’s wellbeing when I give a psychic reading or medical intuitive reading is a huge responsibility that I do not take for granted. It is an honor to be able to help others through my psychic awareness and abilities plus knowing also that what I do must be treated with only the greatest of respect, sensitivity and confidentiality.

There will always be people who think of psychic readings as “hocus pocus” but what I have found is that intuition is a spiritual tool and should be treated as such.

The Collagen Connection

The Collagen Connection

Published Article on Sibyl Magazine March 2016, page 73

The new buzzword seems to be collagen. But what is collagen and why is it so important as we all age? Collagen is actually the “glue” that holds the body together.


It comes from the Greek word kola meaning glue. Representing 25% to 35% of our total protein content in the body, it is really one of the most important structural components of our bodies. It is an essential protein made up of amino acids. Making sure of the regeneration of bones, skin, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles is a huge role collagen plays. Collagen protects and soothes the lining of the digestive tract.


As a person gets older, collagen production in the body slows down. At the rate of 1% every year after the age of 25 the body loses its own natural collagen. Many factors contribute to this loss. Pollution, smoking, poor diet, free radicals and aging may all contribute to this loss. Looking in the mirror at a face you no longer recognize due to the sagging skin, wrinkles and dark circles, plus thinning hair looking dull and lifeless are all signs of the loss of collagen. Skin is composed of about 75% collagen, allowing for elasticity and firmness.  Sun exposure may damage existing collagen plus not caring for the skin properly may cause it to break down. What may be happening on the inside of the body you may feel but can’t see. Joints may ache and be less flexible. Blood vessels throughout the body may become less flexible and stiffen, resulting in perhaps heart problems and blood pressure rising.


There are ways to increase collagen. There are currently products on the market that have been used by many
people around the world. Well known in the Asian markets and Europe, collagen can be found in natural health
products and food.

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