Steps for Living in Gratitude

Steps for Living in Gratitude

What are you grateful for? How can you move on if you cannot acknowledge and be grateful for what you have in your life? Transforming your world is possible by having an attitude of gratitude. The following tips may help achieve this.

• Morning gratitude exercise should include being thankful for what you have and who you are. Thinking positive thoughts will allow your brain wave patterns to operate in a more loving way.
• Do you believe in asking for help, and giving permission for the spirit to assist you in your life? Are you asking to be divinely directed to where you would like to go in your future?
• Do you make space in your life to relax and to be present and to enjoy each and every moment? Is there balance in
your life?
• Centering and grounding yourself every day is important. Do this especially before any important event by breathing
in deeply and going within in stillness.
• As situations unfold in your life do you take the time to think rationally as well as intuitively?
• Can you receive graciously in your life and say thank you?
• Are you open to what you may need in your life? Listen to the subtle messages of your body.
• Are you thankful for the people and family who are in your life? Realize you are blessed to have them beside you.
• Are you forgiving of the ones who may have hurt you? Resentment and bitterness inhibit happiness and may
keep you stuck in a place you would prefer to move on from.
• Peace of mind and heart is what we all must strive for. Make a conscious effort to be there fully in each moment. Listen with an open heart and mind.

Slowing Down the Ageing Process

Slowing Down the Ageing Process

On the cover of Okanagan Seniors Health Magazine: Ageless Inside and Out page 8.

Society is obsessed with anti-ageing. Fears abound around getting older. What are the secrets to appearing young and vibrant at any age? The aim of many who are in their 60’s and up is to reduce the appearance and the symptoms of ageing itself; way into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Body, mind and spirit are at the core, as all are connected. The following tips are ones to consider if changes need to be made.

1/ Taking the time to meditate each day will help to calm and relax your body and mind. Finding your own inner guidance by really paying attention and listening to that deep voice inside will allow the messages to come through. Trust these messages that have been received. If something makes you feel uncertain or even afraid step back and do not allow yourself to go there.

2/ Awaken each day by embracing the knowledge that life is beautiful and there is so much to be thankful for no matter what your age. Life is a journey and it will flow down the path that is laid out before you. Only you can change that path.

3/ Exercise is an important part of each day. Stretching, by incorporating yoga, tai chi or any other type of gentle stretch will enable your body to feel and look much limber. If you are able, walk, jog, or swim. All will build strength and balance and reduce any stress.

4/ Sleeping eight hours an night is what should be strived for current physical health and longevity. Reducing noise before bedtime by turning of the electronics and television up to an hour before retiring will help put your mind and body into relaxed state. Perhaps a warm bath which is also calming.

5/ Listening to your body’s messages around food will help to ensure that wise choices are being made in regards to what is being selected to eat. This is called Intuitive Eating meaning the body is sending subtle messages and signals and these need to be paid attention to. There is many so called diet plans out there but getting back to basics and paying attention to how your own body feels when fed something will tell you a great deal of what may be going on inside you. Your body will definitely let you know when something you ate or drank did not agree with you.

6/ Getting rid of free radicals which may contribute to many age related conditions and diseases. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals. These can be found in dark vegetables and fruits such as the mangosteen. Eat the most nutritious food for the body which provide health and vitality.

7/ The skin may show the first sign of ageing. Wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles appear as age creeps up and collagen and elastin levels goes down. Find a good source of collagen such as bone broth or a supplemental collagen. Both provide cellular protection and actually promote healing from within. They also may support cells, tissues, organs, hair, nails and even the bones. All areas of the body need support as we age. Collagen will help you look and feel younger. There are also many skin care products on the market all purporting to be anti-ageing. Find something that is chemical free and full of anti-ageing natural clean ingredients. Exfoliating with a natural exfoliating gel amplified with a natural antioxidant is sure to make the skin softer and smoother and actually make it look younger.

8/Reducing stress is extremely important. Ask yourself “why am I stressed over this situation or this person?” Pay attention to how your body and the messages it is sending you. Stress plays havoc with the body so try and reduce it as much as possible. Even talking things out with a spouse or friend may help lift the heaviness being felt. Have a relaxing massage or get out in nature, breathe deep, walk near the water listening to the pounding waves hitting the shoreline. Enjoy time with your grandchildren if you have any. They have so much to teach us.

9/Take up a hobby of whatever interests you. Drawing, and painting are two very relaxing endeavors to consider. Losing yourself in a painting will have you relaxed in no time. Visit an art gallery or museum or visit a library and find an interesting book to lose yourself in.

10/Travel is an amazing adventure. Learn the language and customs of the country you want to visit. Go somewhere you have never been. Eat food you have never eaten. Talk with people and learn the story of their life.

Life is to be enjoyed and in this busy world take time to enjoy yours no matter what you do. Live each day with wonder and an open loving heart.


Helen Whittle, RHN/Certified Medical Intuitive

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree

On April 1,1913 the Barnes Estates Ltd. sold to Helen Abernethy Barnby Smith of Retford, England, County of Nottinghamshire, England a parcel of land. This tract of land was in the Kamloops Division of Yale District in the province of B.C. It became known as Walhachin. The land was to be used for the purpose of raising fruit.

Helen Abernethy Barnby Smith sent her nephew John Vernon Darney from England to Walhachin to plant apple trees. Many others of English nobility were also sent to make the orchards flourish. When war broke out most had to return to England. Walhachin withered and died, except for one lone apple tree on the tract of land tended by John Vernon Darney. The tree is still standing today. Eileen and Helen daughters of John Vernon Darney attended the 100th anniversary of Walhachin in honor of their father. Helen felt strongly the spirit of Walhachin and the pioneers who built it many years ago. Feeling the essence of her Great Aunt Helen Abernethy, Helen could sense that her Great Aunt intuitively knew her nephew belonged in Walhachin and she provided the means to get him to make that journey.

Helen was named after her Great Aunt Helen Abernethy and her sister Eileen carries as her second name Abernethy. The apple did not fall far from the tree when it comes to intuition. It flows through both sides of the family and comes from generations past.

Becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner was the path Helen was led to. Graduating with honors from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition gave Helen the designation of RHCP Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner. In the meantime honing her intuition with classes in medium-ship, tea leaf reading, psychometry, tarot card readings, and psychic awareness brought Helen to a highly developed sense of intuition and a new way of “seeing”. Graduating from the College of Medical Intuition as a Certified Medical Intuitive Helen went one step further and received a Certificate as an Instructor of Medical Intuition. Helen attends many Health and Wellness Shows throughout B.C.

Helen will be at the Illuminate 2017 Psychic Fair at the Rotary Centre For The Arts

Jan 20-22, 2017 in Kelowna. Come by Booth 16 where you will find Helen and her sister Eileen Abernethy.

Helen is offering Clairvoyant/Psychic Sessions where issues around relationships, family, past lives, career, and whatever else may come to the surface will be addressed. Mini Medical Intuitive Scans will also be offered. By intuitively assessing a client’s energy field Helen will assist the client in unlocking the imbalances and unresolved thoughts and emotions that may lie deep in the energetic body. Recommendations such as lifestyle and dietary changes, exercise and stress reduction techniques, nutritional supplementation and recommendations for complementary practitioners who may help will be given. Helen does not diagnose.

Helen Whittle

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

Published in Sibyl Magazine December 2016

As I contemplate what I will write for this next issue I realize it will be the last article I will be writing for this wonderful magazine. I feel so very grateful that I was given the opportunity to share with the readers a little something of myself. I have found throughout my life that if I stayed open to any new opportunities that were presented to me doors would open and transformation would happen as I arose to new heights in my life. I stepped into my own power and confidence as a writer. There is really nothing holding me back from expressing my views of who I am. Something in me has shifted for the better and I feel a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude. Truth, authenticity, and vulnerability are what I now strive for.

Perhaps this Christmas we can all write a daily gratitude list of what we are truly grateful for in our daily lives. There is so much to be grateful for. Let go of resentments and bitterness and find that quiet place in your heart to allow forgiveness to others who may have hurt you. By releasing and allowing happiness to reside in your heart, life will become so much more peaceful and serene. Be grateful for all you are and all that you have become. Be grateful for the people who walk your path with you and will always be beside you. Be grateful for the support they give you in your daily life. By changing your attitude to gratitude you may be amazed at how your life will change and how you will appreciate the little things that make up each day.

There are so many reasons to be grateful and thankful. Instead of focusing on “ lack of” or the “what if” turn those around and live graciously from your heart. Your life is what you make it and it is up to you to find what stirs your heart and soul and what brings you peace of mind and happiness.

I write in a gratitude journal every night before retiring. Once written down the words touch me on a deep level. I focus on many things that have brought me joy throughout the day and realize I have so much to be thankful for. Staying away from the negative I find is very important as that type of energy can bring a person down in spirit and perhaps block all the blessings that may be coming. To move forward in life we must acknowledge and be very grateful for what we have and who we are at the core of our being.

I challenge each and every one of you to look for gratitude in your daily life and pay attention to appreciating what you have and not what you lack.

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My Words

My Words

Published in Sibyl Magazine November 2016.

Writing is actually part of who I am. It always has been since I was very young. English was my favorite subject in school. I loved to read and to this day it is a passion of mine and now writing has also become a passion.

I went through what to me became a bit of a setback in my writing when I was challenged and questioned about something I wrote. I was told that the word I had used should not have been used in the context I used it in. To be criticized by someone’s viewpoint dug deep into me. I retreated wondering if maybe I should give up putting pen to paper if it caused someone anguish.  I realize that however my writing is perceived by someone is really of no consequence. I can observe their criticism and continue on knowing that I am being authentic to me. That is really what matters the most. These words were my words, this was my story and I would let no one change that. I was angry, thinking how dare someone would want to change my word. The more I focused on this issue the more I realized it was time to let it go which I have done.

My creativity cannot be squelched. I will honor myself and get past any doubts or fears that may try to block my creative expression. I also honor and appreciate any and all writers and authors. These people have felt the whisper or calling to write. It is part of their soul and no one can deny them that. It is something that is deeply rooted inside of me; this feeling that I must get it down on paper. I have created a special area where I do my writing. The words tend to flow as soon as I sit down in that spot and allow myself a few moments of meditation before I start.

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Published in Sibyl Magazine Sept 2016

Allow yourself to embrace change. Life is not stagnant and each day brings something new to dwell on and deal with. I notice the perception that time is accelerating at a very fast pace. The ebb and flow of life cannot be stopped. Taking time to pay attention to what is going on in the present moment is so important. Living life in the here and now is the key.

Lately, I have been caught up in not only changes within me but also in the life of those close to me. Townhouse sold and vacated; apartment packed into a huge container truck to travel across country towards a new beginning. Our house where my husband and I have lived for over 40 years is now up for sale.

When life seems to be spinning out of control it is so important to keep yourself grounded. I do this through my daily meditation practice. Knowing myself on a very deep level and developing an understanding of what it is I value and want in my life has helped to change many of my beliefs. Looking at the bigger picture of my life I see it unfolding spontaneously and freely.

Navigating through times of change can be stressful but believing that the universe will be there to guide and assist is what makes all the difference. Having confidence to go forward with no regrets is empowering me on this journey.

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