Published in Sibyl Magazine December 2016

As I contemplate what I will write for this next issue I realize it will be the last article I will be writing for this wonderful magazine. I feel so very grateful that I was given the opportunity to share with the readers a little something of myself. I have found throughout my life that if I stayed open to any new opportunities that were presented to me doors would open and transformation would happen as I arose to new heights in my life. I stepped into my own power and confidence as a writer. There is really nothing holding me back from expressing my views of who I am. Something in me has shifted for the better and I feel a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude. Truth, authenticity, and vulnerability are what I now strive for.

Perhaps this Christmas we can all write a daily gratitude list of what we are truly grateful for in our daily lives. There is so much to be grateful for. Let go of resentments and bitterness and find that quiet place in your heart to allow forgiveness to others who may have hurt you. By releasing and allowing happiness to reside in your heart, life will become so much more peaceful and serene. Be grateful for all you are and all that you have become. Be grateful for the people who walk your path with you and will always be beside you. Be grateful for the support they give you in your daily life. By changing your attitude to gratitude you may be amazed at how your life will change and how you will appreciate the little things that make up each day.

There are so many reasons to be grateful and thankful. Instead of focusing on “ lack of” or the “what if” turn those around and live graciously from your heart. Your life is what you make it and it is up to you to find what stirs your heart and soul and what brings you peace of mind and happiness.

I write in a gratitude journal every night before retiring. Once written down the words touch me on a deep level. I focus on many things that have brought me joy throughout the day and realize I have so much to be thankful for. Staying away from the negative I find is very important as that type of energy can bring a person down in spirit and perhaps block all the blessings that may be coming. To move forward in life we must acknowledge and be very grateful for what we have and who we are at the core of our being.

I challenge each and every one of you to look for gratitude in your daily life and pay attention to appreciating what you have and not what you lack.

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